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Maze Learning by Hybrid Brain-Computer

Annimal Robots and cognitive robotics embodied with biological brains represents a new trend of biological and artificial intelligence integration . So it certainly makes us wonder , is hybrid sytems possess a superior learning ability over their purely biological component ? and is there anyway that biological organisms can learn and make decisions if it was altered by enhancing the brain with Machine Rule Learning ? and how applying the aquired rules by machines affects the learning ability of theses hybrid systems ?

In order to unswer all theses questions scientists used ratbots that were designed and constructed as a hybrid brain machine system and they used computers to observe the process . they followed the video inputs from the camera and they controlled on computer the learning algorithms and the
running rule operations in order to guide the rat . The ratbot performed learning tasks autonomously without any humain intervention .

They orgonised a series of training tasks to examine the ratbots learning ability in complex maze , and it took the rat several consecutive trials to learn the correct path .

Click Here to Download The Full Scientific Article .

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