TOP 5 Business and Startup Ideas for 2019

We all have goals and expectations for this year ! Some of us are planning to build a familly , others want to finish school , other people want to learn a language …. And some people are planning to make money !

well i was one of those who decided to make money last year , and i did ! and now i’ll share with you some of the ideas that probably you never tought about it .

first idea , if you’re a music fan and you know what people love to hear then the best thing that you can do and save money with is the ‘ virtual reality music festivals ‘ .

Second Idea , Start a social network for kids , it’s easy to make it blow if you know to make kids spend time on your social network .

Third Idea , Waste Management Business . it’s easy to start and easy to make it grow you just need to do your best .

the fourth idea , you can create a browser extention that detects song names from your youtube videos , instgram videos …

the fifth Idea , Start a blog , a youtube Channel and make a good content , let people follow you and get to know you . Try to be creatif to grow fast .

we will talk more about each idea and how to apply it in the next articles …

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